Valentina Baicuianu


Valentina invites viewers to a plastic discourse about living, reflecting, self finding and self reconciliation. In a world where the person is camouflaged, the thinking is in the pattern, the values are reshaped, Valentina invites the viewer to an exercise of introspection. Although it does not have specialized studies, in its artistic approach, she has had several routes,  to find a modern expression of the portrait. After twenty years of corporate career and few fruitful years as artist painter, the artist proposes confrontation with her own experiences, while revealing her universe with great honesty.
Many of her works are suggestive for the artistic evolution of the last years, many of which are already in private collections in the country and abroad. Her works reveal the sources of inspiration, the search for own artistic style, the abandonment and the finding in the box: “Many of my works are personae, experiences and emotions translated into a plastic metaphor that invites its viewers to do, in turn, the decoding exercise. Valentina is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and was born into a family from Bucharest, where her mother and aunt had artistic inclinations and a talent that followed her for the rest of her life. As an artist, she values creativity, authenticity, living in all its diversity, being a permanent source of reflection.


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